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Working Green at MIT - Working Group Recycling Committee

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  • Co-sponsored two IAP events:  “Compost with WORMS…in your apartment”, and “Organic Farming – What does it all Mean?”
  • Educated MIT community about RecycleMania 2009
  • Hosted an open house event for recycling ambassadors
  • Presented "Recycle Your Bicycle" information and ideas for green commuting at the MIT Transportation Fair
  • Co-sponsored, with the Sierra Club, Friday Night Energy Movie series: “FLOW: For the Love of Water” and “How Cuba Survived Peak Oil and Future of Food”
  • Sponsored second Baby/Toddler Clothing Swap
  • Participated in MIT Earth Day Fair with a “Sustainability in Action” theme


  • Co-sponsored IAP events to educate the MIT Community on issues such as vermicomposting, Community Supported Agriculture, and Sustainable Livestock Farming
  • Created "Recycle Your Bicycle" poster and handouts and distributed at MIT Transportation Fair
  • Participated in the MIT Earth Day Fair promoting "Recycling Saves Energy" campaign
  • Co-sponsored screening of King Corn, a documentary on the growing and manufacturing of corn in the mid-West
  • Coordinated with Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA to organize a CSA drop-off point at MIT, beginning in Summer 2008
  • Initiated a junk mail educational campaign on America Recycles Day
  • Co-sponsored monthly Energy movie nights to educate public on energy-related issues through films starting with "Oil On Ice"


  • Interviewed for MyVoice, which aired on MyTV New England, WZMY (May 20, 2007). Program featured groups in New England focused on recycling
  • Launched Working Green at MIT website
  • Promoted buying local with showing of the film, "The True Cost of Food", by the Sierra Club and presentations by Red Fire Farm, a Massachusetts CSA, and Harvest Co-op
  • Collaborated with EPO, LFEE, the Department of Facilities, SAVE and others on the third annual Earth Day Fair
  • Sponsored a presentation of An Inconvenient Truth slide show, presented by Sarah Griffith, during Earth Week
  • Co-sponsored Clean Out Your Files Month in July with the Department of Facilities
  • Coordinated the annual Office Depot Catalog Swap in 3 locations across campus. Swapped catalogs were recycled on the spot.
  • Held a series of recycling information sessions for the MIT Community from September-December. Sessions included: Recycling 101:Do's and Don'ts of Recycling at MIT, Recycling 102: You and Your Role as Recycling Ambassador, and Recycling 103:Talking Trash - Learning How to Generate Less Wastes


  • Created "Green Your Catering" fact sheet and distributed to attendees at the MIT Events Fair
  • Developed and distributed "Ask Me" signs to all Ambassadors
  • Presented Recycling 101 training for Recycling Ambassadors
  • Received 2006 MIT Excellence Award in the category of "Creating Connections"
  • Teamed up with MIT Police to promote bicycle recycling for students who are leaving campus
  • Organized second annual Earth Day event at Stata Center
  • MIT wins the 2006 Cambridge Go Green Recycling Award for Large Businesses
  • Sponsored with the Sierra Club "Save Money, Save the Environment," a forum on how to save money by saving energy in the home
  • Co-produced third annual "Clean Out Your Files" event in July-August 06 with the Department of Facilities


  • Instituted first collaborative environmental calendar with sponsorship by MIT depts., labs, centers, and vendors (Jan. ‘05)
  • Sponsored IAP workshop for Recycling Ambassadors, "Tools for Communicating Your Recycling Message" by Jan Aceti (Jan. '05)
  • Featured in Tech Talk article (Feb. 9, 2005)
  • Began expansion of the Recycling Ambassadors Plus Program for Support and Administrative Staff through focus groups centered on outreach programming (Mar. '05)
  • Expanded prior year's "Clean Out Your Files" event, coproduced with Facilities, to the full month of July
  • Sponsored first Earth Day@MIT event at Stata Center in collaboration with EPO, Dept. of Facilities, Office Depot, Sodexho, ABD, Commuting Task Group, and Membership Committee, among others (Apr. ‘05)
  • Successfully advocated Office Depot to add more environmentally friendly cleaning products to its catalogue (Seventh Generation cleaner available beginning July '05)
  • Sponsored Environmental Writing Contest for MIT students, faculty, and staff "Exploring Solutions: Preserving the Future" (Fall '05)
  • Provided eco-friendly gift wrapping service at the ABD holiday gift fair (Dec. '05)


  • Created first campus-wide "paperless calendar" distributed through Working Green website as computer desktop wallpaper.
  • Sponsored showings of "Escape from Affluenza" for America Recycles Day '04.
  • Joined forces with Facilities for first annual "Clean Out Your Files" event, held for a week in July
  • Published first on-line environmental newsletter, The Monthly Bale (Sept. ‘04)


  • Presented discussion on "Solar Power: Trends, Technologies, and Innovations" on March 1, 2003
  • Conducted web-based recycling survey targeted at MIT staff; April-May 2003
  • Sponsored, participated in MIT Earth Day activities
  • Sponsored viewings of PBS show "Affluenza" and coordinated outreach to other university campuses for the City of Cambridge's "40% by 2005" recycling campaign.
  • Participant in Laboratory for Energy and the Environment's "EnviroForums"


  • Sponsored presentation to the Working Group on Support Staff Issues (WGSSI) by Bill Van Schalkwyk, Justin Adams, and Dan Winograd at March WGSSI Meeting
  • Shared presence with EPTF/Share a Vital Earth (student recycling group; SAVE) during MIT Earth Day activities
  • Sponsored Stuff Fest 2002 with SAVE, providing donations of student items to charities at the end of the academic year.
  • Worked to address recycling issues at Commencement 2002 activities
  • Engaged Aramark and other catering vendors on campus in ongoing recycling efforts
  • Composed and distributed recycling survey during MIT's America Recycles Day educational activities
  • Sponsored talk on Cape Wind project in Cape Cod, MA for America Recycles Day


  • Advocated for purchase and placement of 200 sets of paper/plastic recycling bins for distribution in public areas on campus
  • Initiated contact with MIT real estate management companies to coordinate efforts in reducing service gaps.
  • Met with MIT Residential House Managers to help targeting recycling efforts.
  • Became a working sub-committee of the Environmental Programs Task Force (EPTF)