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Committee members

Green Committee Co-chairs

Rebecca Fowler, Office of Sustainability (2016-present)
Lauralyn Smith, CSAIL (2017-present)
Ruth T. Davis, Department of Facilities (2009-present)


Kathy Bowler, Aramark
Maria Caetano, Department of Facilities
Mary Curtin, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Susy Jones, Office of Sustainability
Jarrod Jones, Department of Facilities
Niamh Kelly, Office of Environment, Health and Safety
Julie Lindley, Office of the Executive Vice President & Treasurer
June Milligan, Copy Technology Centers


MIT Dining Services
MIT Department of Facilities
City of Cambridge

Former Committee Chairs

Meagan Riley (2016-2017)
Joel Dashnaw (2012-2015)
Julie Lindley (2012-2014)
Kristine Acevedo (2009-2010)
Selene Victor (2007-2009)
Ryan Gray (2008)
Diana Daigle (2006-2008)
Debra Sorocco (2006)
Amy Donovan (2004-2007)
Sally Honda (2002-2004)
Laura Moses (2001-2002)
Anne Wasserman (2001-2006)