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Buy green at play

TerraPass calculates carbon dioxide emissions from your home use, auto, and air travel activities. You can also purchase carbon offsets that help fund renewable energy projects.

Green hotels database and rating system. Check out this site before planning your trip or as part of your conference planning process.

Green Hotels Association is intended for the hotel industry. This site is a clearinghouse of information on how to green the hospitality industry. It's also a resource for you to learn what the state of the art is, and know what to look for the next time you make reservations for your home away from home.

Edible Boston is a magazine, published quarterly, that highlights restaurants, food shops, and food services that offer locally grown and/or sustainably grown food sources.

Green Restaurant Association website includes a search option to find local restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. which have met the GRA standards for environmentally responsible operations.

Meditate green with lotuspad biodegradable and recyclable yoga mats. offers useful comparison shopping for more sustainable sporting and outdoor recreational equipment.

Who’s singing green?  Read here about the Clif company’s GreenNotes program to educate and support new musicians on touring with a smaller environmental footprint. See if your favorite bands are on the list!

Eco-Tones concerts aim to both entertain and educate on being green.

Green with…gossip?  Visit Eco-Razzi for the alterna-gossip on who—and what—is going green, including what’s been done to make Fenway Park to be a more eco-friendly sports venue!