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Working Green at MIT - Working Group Recycling Committee

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Choose to Reuse!
Thursday, January 16th in the Stata Center, TSMC Lobby
(Mirror Lobby at corner of Main and Vassar)

Drop-off begins:  8:00 AM
Pick-up: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

How it works
Donate and pick up items.  Everything at Choose to Reuse is free! 
If you’re not sure what condition an item should be in, consider this: if you wouldn’t buy it at a thrift store, then don’t bring it. Bring clean and usable clothes, books, and other household items. Don't bring opened or expired food items, aerosol cans, anything broken, missing parts or unclean. 

You don't have to give to get. And, you don't have to take back your item if no one chooses it. Everything that remains is donated or recycled by the Department of Facilities Recycling Program. We also have "Donation in Kind" forms for tax deductions.

Donate any unwanted ties!
Rosangela dos Santos, an administrative assistant in Chemical Engineering, is an avid quilter with an ambitious new project of reuse. Rosangela is seeking men’s ties so that she can create a unique quilt from them. She needs a large quantity of ties, so now is the perfect time to sift through your tie collection (or your partner’s) and weed out any old, under-worn ties. Bring them to Choose-to-Reuse and drop off at the front table.

Choose-to-Reuse R3 Artist Kyle Haines

Artist Kyle Haines creates sculptures from found and repurposed materials. In collaboration with Green, MIT Staff for Sustainability, Kyle will be using left-over material from Choose-to-Reuse, as well as found objects and waste from the world of MIT, to create unique, MIT related sculptures. We hope to have a formal showing of Kyle’s work during Earth week in April 2014. You can meet Kyle at Choose-to-Reuse, each Third Thursday, where he’ll be selecting materials and available to chat and answer questions about his work and process. See crowd-sourced sculpture poster.

Call for Participation: Crowd-Sourced Reuse Sculpture
One of the pieces Kyle will be making is a "crowd-sourced" sculpture. For this piece, Kyle is requesting that members of the MIT community donate one (1) item each for this project. You may bring it to Choose-to-Reuse and drop it off at the front table. Make sure to mention that it is for the crowd-sourced sculpture. Kyle may not use the entire object in the sculpture, but at least a part of each item donated will make it into the sculpture. Some guidelines on donated items for the crowd-sourced sculpture:

Anything made of metal
Computer Towers
Raw Materials like wood, steel, etc.

Can’t Be Used:
Delicate glass

From our R3 artist: Kyle Haines
"I really hope you'll consider taking part in this project and please let all of your friends know, too. This "crowd-sourced" sculpture is supposed to be a snapshot of MIT right now, it's an artistic time capsule of the people and the environment and it can't very well represent all of you if you don't get in on it! Besides that, it would be great if you could get creative with your material donations: I really love a challenge and I'm sure all of you engineers can find a way to stump me. Thanks so much for being a part of the Reuse community. See you at Choose To Reuse!"