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Working Green at MIT - Working Group Recycling Committee


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Get a bin

Deskside paper recycling binDeskside recycling bins

Need a desk side recycling bin? Use the Building Services tab in SAPweb. Delivery takes about one week. Does your bin read "white paper only"? Print out the recycling guide (PDF) to put on or over the bin.

"Slim Jim" bins for public spaces

The Department of Facilities provides "Slim Jim" containers for recycling cans, bottles, plastics in public spaces, (corridors, lobbies, conference rooms). To order, use the Building Services tab in SAPweb, specifying that it is for a public location.

"Slim Jim" bins for private spaces (for paper and for cans/bottles/plastics)

Large "Slim Jim" bins for private labs, kitchens or offices must be purchased by the department. Order them directly from Office Depot through eCAT3 to get a low price and quick delivery. See item numbers: 494708 (bin), 110124 (blue lid for paper) and 110099 (green lid for commingles).

TechnoCycle bins

These special bins are located in mailrooms and some building lobbies. Create a local collection area by attaching this label (PDF) to a sturdy box. Send small amounts to "Recycling, Building NW62". For schedule a pickup for large amounts of TechnoCycle submit a request using the Building Services tab in SAPweb.

Bins for large office clean outs

To get a 90 gallon blue toter (on wheels) to recycle large amounts of paper, submit a request using the Building Services tab in SAPweb. You can put paper clips, staples, and hanging files with metal into the bins.

Recycling bins for special events

When planning your event, consider your trash can and recycling bin needs.  Each trash bin at your event should have a recycling bin next to it. Make it easy for your guests to recycle by identifying the recycling bin (and the trash bin!) with a sign.

Items available for events:

  • Trash barrels
  • "Paper" recycling bins
  • "Cans and Bottles" recycling bins, for bottles, cans, or plastic, including plastic plates, catering platters and lids, and plastic cups. These items do not have to be cleaned, just empty of liquids and free of food.

To order bins for special events (please order at least five days in advance), submit a request using the Building Services tab in SAPweb. For more information: Facilities Special Services.