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Working Green at MIT - Working Group Recycling Committee


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MIT Green Ambassadors

It takes little time to make a big impact on our community's environment!
MIT's Green ambassadors make a positive impact on the MIT environment by leading the way as role models for sustainable behaviors and by influencing the way the MIT infrastructure responds to the challenges of supporting a "green" environment. Nearly 100 ambassadors across MIT's campus contribute to the greening of MIT's departments, labs and centers (DLCs).

The program is open to support and administrative staff who can volunteer approximately 1 hour each month to distribute recycling information, collect feedback, and attend 1-2 networking meetings per year. Each department may have one or more ambassadors depending on department size and recycling needs.

The ambassador's primary role is to act as a liaison between the Green committee and the ambassador's DLC. Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Checking that your department or building has adequate recycling bins, and current signage and that people are aware of how to order new bins
  • Serving as a resource for green purchasing in the DLC
  • Promoting events and recycling information on the Recycling Ambassador's building bulletin boards and/or DLC email list
  • Communicating your DLC's needs, concerns, or questions on recycling issues back to the Green committee and organizing educational outreach programs for your DLC
  • Maintaining a Green at MIT folder and updating as needed as a resource for your office

Ambassadors get information from the Working Green Committe co-chairs in the form of email notifications and meeting minutes.

To join and let your influence make a difference in recycling at MIT, please contact the Working Green Committee.