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Working Green at MIT - Working Group Recycling Committee


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Join the Working Green committee

Working Green committee members include support and administrative staff, representatives from MIT's Environmental Programs Office and Department of Facilities, and members from other campus advocacy groups. Affiliates include the Director, Recycling Division of the City of Cambridge.

All members are volunteers. The committee meets twice monthly to organize events, outreach, and education in order to support the mission of the committee. All MIT community members are welcome to join. Working Green meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, from 1-2 pm. The location of the meetings may vary, so contact Working Green if you are interested in attending.

Working Green members often split up into smaller subcommittees to work in depth on specific projects such as event planning, website design and development, and Recycling Ambassadors outreach. These subcommittees meet as needed. We have a member of Working Green on the “Walk the Talk” committee that is headed by Executive Vice President & Treasurer Theresa Stone and Professor Leon Glicksman.

Working Green itself is a subcommittee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues. Working Green members in good standing who are MIT support and administrative staff are eligible for membership in the Working Group on Support Staff Issues, a Presidentially appointed committee. There are many benefits to membership.

To join and let your influence make a difference in recycling at MIT, please contact the Working Green committee.