Reports on Equity in Philosophy

AAP Data and Reports on the Profession

APA Data on the Profession

Update on Women in Philosophy, Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, ed., Christina Bellon (Spring 2009), including:

  1. CSW Jobs for Philosophers Employment Study, by Miriam Solomon and John Clarke

  2. Love to Count: Arguments for Inaccurately Measuring the Proportion of Philosophers Who Are Women, by  Kathryn J. Norlock

  3. Why Are Women Only 21% of Philosophy?: Introduction to the Panel Presentations, by Janet A. Kourany

  4. Women in Philosophy: 21% of What? by Elizabeth K. Minnich

  5. What Do the Numbers Mean? by Sharon Crasnow

  6. What Might Be Learned from Recent Efforts in the Natural Sciences? by Abigail J. Stewart

Hypatia Essays on the Place of Women in the Profession of Philosophy, Edited by Ann E. Cudd

This virtual issue brings together essays published over a twenty-year time span that address the question of women’s place in the profession of philosophy. It includes essays about women in the history of philosophy; empirical studies of the numbers of women at various stages in their careers; analytical essays about why women, including specifically women of color, are not reaching parity with white men in the profession; and what women are doing to change the representation of women in philosophy. By highlighting this important research, the virtual issue will contribute to the groundswell of efforts to make philosophy a more welcoming place for diverse people and ideas, thereby also improving the quality of philosophical thought.

Read the issue here.

The introduction can be found here.

Sally Haslanger, “Changing the Ideology and Culture of Philosophy: Not by Reason (Alone).”

Ann Garry, “What is on Women Philosophers’ Minds?”

Julie van Camp, Tenured and Tenure-Track Women at 98 U.S. Doctoral Programs in Philosophy (updated 2008)

Post by Jennifer Saul on implicit bias.

Research on Equity in the Academy


Conferences, Reports

Women, Work and the Academy: Strategies for Responding to 'Post-Civil Rights Era' Gender Discrimination, Barnard Center for Research on Women.

  1. Report: Women, Work, and the Academy: Strategies for Responding to 'Post-Civil Rights Era' Gender Discrimination, Alison Wylie, Janet Jakobsen, Gisela Fosado.  New Feminist Solutions #2 (2007), Barnard Center for Research on Women. 

  2. Also available through BCRW Publications: 

Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering, by the Committee on Maximizing the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine.

Books, Articles

Virginia Valian, Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women MIT Press, 1999.


Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Careers.  Virginia Valian, Hunter College