Sulzberger Middle School
Sulzberger Middle School is in the Mill Creek neighborhood, in the heart of the West Philadelphia Empowerment zone. Since 1996, Sulzberger teachers and students and University of Pennsylvania faculty and students have been working together to explore how a new curriculum organized around "The Urban Watershed" could combine learning, community development, and water resource management.

This website includes reports of our joint activities, our publications, and the curriculum we are developing. See Mill Creek Project for illustrated summary and SMS News for an online report authored by Sulzberger students.

Teacher Glenn Campbell and students Keith Sisco and Oneil Hall received a standing ovation after their presentation of the Mill Creek Project and SMS News to Governor Ridge and the Pennsylvania General Assembly during the Governor's Budget Speech on February 3, 1998.

The Mill Creek Project at SMS was the subject of a brief report on NBC Nightly News, aired October 2, 1999.

Location of Sulzberger Middle School

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