ASCE Competition
Sim-City© Essay

By the Team from
Sulzberger Middle School
Adam Ankrah, Nagia Owens, Dennis Williams,
Chevis Anderson, Yusef Black, Daisy N. Century (teacher)

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to feast your eyes on a future City. A City so captivating, so futuristic, it is almost beyond comprehension.

Welcome to the metropolis City of Sullivauon, a City with a population of 112,740.

In searching for a good location for our manufacturing zone, the following factors were give careful consideration:

Our city has everything convenient for its citizens. It has farms, animals, shopping centers, parks, churches, fire and police departments, commercial factories, seaports, airports, hospitals, schools, colleges and entertainment.

The layout of the City itself
The residential area has an industrial section at the southern tip. The northern part has the river and at the end of the river is the power plant. The power plant is downriver from the residents in case of disaster and if the water gets polluted it will run down from the City. The river separates the power plant from the industrial and residential areas. There is a bridge that connects the two land areas to the power plant and the residential areas.

The seaport is next to the water between the industrial and residential areas. This is convenient in case goods need to be shipped or exported. An airport in the northeast corner avoids most of the buildings. Main roads run through the City. Maglev trains are located where traffic is the heaviest (around the work areas). The commercial factories include the shopping centers. The hospitals are located near and around the fire and police departments and near the commercial sites in case of accidents for quick service. There is a laser-bot arena on the west side of town for entertainment. The arena is where games are played and the people come out to watch the robots show off their latest weapons, gadgets and micro-chip implants.

The City recycles trash for heat. Trees are planted in abundance around the residential areas to help curb pollution and clean the air. The City is built so that if in the event of a major disaster or nuclear explosion, the entire City will envelope itself and blast off into space, leaving the disaster area to terminate itself. Everything in the city ws built with a fire proof material to cut down on fires, destruction of property and loss of lives.

There will not be any firearms allowed or carried in the city. If you are caught with a gun or anything that is considered a weapon, you will be prosecuted.

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