MIT Women's Soccer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact the coach/team?

A: Fill out this form and email the coach and/or the captains and we will get back to you.

Q: What NCAA division is MIT soccer?

A: Division III

Q: What conference does MIT play in?

A: NEWMAC (New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference) Go to schedule to view conference teams.

Q: Where/How far does the team travel for away games?

A: The furthest conference game is at Coast Guard Academy, which is under 3 hours away from MIT. Most games are under or around 1 hour away.

Q: Is MIT competitive within the conference?

A: Most definitely! In 2002, we were 3rd in the conference and went to the conference finals and in 2004 we tied for 3rd in the conference and went to the conference quarterfinals.

Q: When does the soccer team practice?

A: We practice from 5-7pm every day except Sundays.

Q: Do practices or games interfere with classes?

A: Not usually. There are no classes scheduled from 5-7pm, so we do not expect anyone to miss class for practice. Despite MIT's efforts to accomodated student schedules, however, games may interfere with classes that meet later in the day. Although academics always come first, team members are expected to sacrifice some class time in order to attend all games.

Q: What is playing on the MIT soccer team like?

A: The team is very close and we all have a great time not only playing soccer with each other, but hanging out on the weekends. We work hard on the field and push each other, but we also make sure we have fun off the field by doing things like throwing team dinners.

Q: Does the soccer team have tryouts and/or cuts?

A: Yes. Beginning around August 20th each year, all admitted students interested in playing soccer participate in the preseason tryout. Depending on how many spots are open and how many players are trying out, cuts may or may not be made.

Q: Does MIT give athletic scholarships?

A: No. Because MIT is a Division III institution, there are no athletic scholarships. MIT does give need-based financial aid.


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