Response form for the cgiemail example page

This form is an example only.

To respond to a submission, I will either use the HTML form below, or download an ASCII form, fill it in, and send it to whoever sent the submission.

You may send mail to yourself using this form if you like. Don't use it to send mail to someone else, and don't think it's a way to send mail anonymously. Mail sent via cgiemail is almost as traceable as regular e-mail.

E-mail address:

Response: accept reject

Rejection reason(s):

Could not get URL
URL did not contain form using the cgiemail program
Offensive (sex, violence, or excessive Netscape-specific HTML)
Sales Pitch (description should only list features other users can copy)
Cut and paste the submission below.

Last modified: Thu Feb 5 12:57:32 EST 1998