Maintainable Software in wwwdev

It's important that people other than yourself be able to find, build and install your software. If someone else needs to update to a newer version of imported software, it should be easy to identify changes you made to the previous version. A project "foo" in the wwwdev locker is considered maintainable if it meets the follwing criteria:

  1. The source must reside under "/mit/wwwdev/src/foo".
  2. That directory must contain a file called "BUILD.athena".
  3. From csh, typing "source BUILD.athena" must result in
    1. a build tree being created in /mit/wwwdev/build/$ATHENA_SYS/foo
    2. all compiled binaries being built
    3. current working directory = build directory
  4. The README file must contain or point to installation instructions.
  5. If the software was developed outside MIT DCNS, then
    1. README.athena must contain a URL pointing to where the source came from.
    2. An RCS subdirectory must exist in any directory where changes are made.
    3. For any changed file, the original version must be checked into RCS.
As a starting point, you can copy BUILD.athena and .rconf from /mit/wwwdev/src/cgi.

Bruce Lewis <>
Last modified: Mon May 8 17:18:06 1995