Printer Page Setup

The Printer Page Setup dialog is used to define how a drawing or text shall be placed on the paper.


Defines the left, top, right and bottom borders. The values are either in millimeters or inches, depending on which unit results in fewer decimals.

The default border values are taken from the printer driver, and define the maximum drawing area your particular printer can handle. You can enter smaller values here, but your printer hardware may or may not be able to print arbitrarily close to the paper edges.

After changing the printer new hardware minimums may apply and your border values may be automatically enlarged as necessary to comply with the new printer. Note that the values will not be decreased automatically if a new printer would allow smaller values. To get the smallest possible border values you can enter 0 in each field, which will then be limited to the hardware minimum.


If you want to use your printer to produce production layout drawings, you may have to calibrate your printer to achieve an exact 1:1 reproduction of your layout.

The value in the X field is the calibration factor to use in the print head direction, while the value in the Y field is used to calibrate the paper feed direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When producing production layout drawings with your printer, always check the final print result for correct measurements!

The default values of 1 assume that the printer produces exact measurements in both directions.


Defines the vertical alignment of the drawing to be either Top, Center or Bottom.


Defines the horizontal alignment of the drawing to be either Left, Center or Right.


Activates the printing of a caption line, containing the time and date of the print as well as the file name.

If the drawing is mirrored, the word "mirrored" will appear in the caption, and if the scale factor is not 1.0 it will be added as f=... (the scale factor is given with 4 decimal digits, so even if f=1.0000 appears in the caption the scale factor will not be exactly 1.0).


Invokes the system printer dialog, which enables you to choose which printer to use and to set printer specific parameters (like paper size and orientation).

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