CAM Processor Job

A CAM Processor Job consists of several Sections, each of which defines a complete set of CAM Processor parameters and layer selections.

A typical CAM Processor job could for example have two sections, one that produces photoplotter data for the Top layer, and another that produces the data for the bottom layer.


The Section selector shows the currently active job section. By pressing the button you can select any of the sections you have defined previously with the Add button.


If you enter a text in this field, the CAM Processor will prompt you with this message before processing that particular job section. For example you might want to change the paper in your pen plotter for each plot, so the message could be "Please change paper!". Each job section can have its own prompt message, and if there is no message the section will be processed immediately.


Click on the Add button to add a new section to the job. You will be asked for the name of that new job section. The new job section will be created with all parameters set to the values currently shown in the menu.
Please note that if you want to create a new job section, you should first add that new section and then modify the parameters. Otherwise, if you first modify the parameters of the current section and then add a new section, you will be prompted to confirm whether the modifications to the current section shall be saved or not.


Use the Del button to delete the current job section. You will be prompted to confirm whether you really want to delete that section.

Process Section

The Process Section button processes the current job section, as indicated in the Section selector.

Process Job

The Process Job button processes the entire job by processing each section in turn, starting with the first section. What happens is the same as if you would select every single section with the Section selector and press the Process Section button for each section - just a lot more convenient!

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