Aperture Wheel File

A photoplotter usually needs to know which apertures are assigned to the codes used in the output file. These assignments are defined in an Aperture Wheel File.


D010    annulus   0.004 x 0.000
D010    round     0.004
D040    square    0.004
D054    thermal   0.090 x 0.060
D100    rectangle 0.060 x 0.075
D104    oval      0.030 x 0.090
D110    draw      0.004
Note that the file may contain several apertures that share the same D-code, as long as all of these have a type from draw, round or annulus, and have the same size (in case of annulus the second size parameter must be 0 in such a case). This can be used to map apertures that effectively result in the same drawing to a common D-code.
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