Output File

The Output File contains the data produced by the CAM Processor.

The following file names are commonly used:

File   Layers               Meaning
*.cmp  Top, Via, Pad        Component side
*.ly2  Route2, Via, Pad     Inner signal layer
*.ly3  Route3, Via, Pad     Inner signal layer
*.ly4  $User1               Inner supply layer
...                         ...
*.sol  Bot, Via, Pad        Solder side
*.plc  tPl, Dim, tName,     Silkscreen comp. side
*.pls  bPl, Dim, bName,     Silkscreen solder side
*.stc  tStop                Solder stop mask comp. side
*.sts  bStop                Solder stop mask sold. side
*.drd  Drills, Holes        Drill data for NC drill st.
Alternative Output File Names

If you enter ".ext" into the Output field the output file "boardname.ext" will be generated.

In order to avoid the Gerber info file in a Job being overwritten by the following Section, you can enter ".*#" into the Output field (where "*" stands for any number of valid filename characters). The output file name will then be "boardname.*x", and the info file name will be "boardname.*i". If, for instance, a board named "myboard.brd" is loaded and you have entered ".cp#" into the Output field, an output file "myboard.cpx" and a Gerber info file "myboard.cpi" will be generated.

Drill data with blind&buried vias

If the board contains blind or buried vias, the CAM Processor generates a separate drill file for each via length that is actually used in the board. The file names are built by adding the number of the start and end layer to the base file name, as in

which would be the drill file for the layer stack 1-4. If you want to have the layer numbers at a different position, you can use the placeholder %L, as in
which would result in
The drill info file name is always generated without layer numbers, and any '.' before the %L will be dropped. Any previously existing files that would match the given drill file name pattern, but would not result from the current job, will be deleted before generating any new files. There will be one drill info file per job, which contains (amoung other information) a list of all generated drill data files.
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