When writing a User Language Program it is good practice to add some descriptive text, giving the reader an idea about what this particular ULP does. You might also want to add your name (and, if available, your email address) to the ULP file, so that other people who use your program could contact you in case they have a problem or would like to suggest an improvement.

There are two ways to define a comment. The first one uses the syntax

/* some comment text */
which marks any characters between (and including) the opening /* and the closing */ as comment. Such comments may expand over more than one lines, as in
/* This is a
   multi line comment
but they do not nest. The first */ that follows any /* will end the comment.

The second way to define a comment uses the syntax

int i; // some comment text
which marks any characters after (and including) the // and up to (but not including) the newline character at the end of the line as comment.
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