Data members

description string (see note)
grid UL_GRID
headline string
name string (LIBRARY_NAME_LENGTH, see note)

Loop members

devices() UL_DEVICE
devicesets() UL_DEVICESET
layers() UL_LAYER
packages() UL_PACKAGE
symbols() UL_SYMBOL


LIBRARY_NAME_LENGTH max. recommended length of a library name (used in formatted output only)


The devices() member loops through all the package variants and technologies of all UL_DEVICESETs in the library, thus resulting in all the actual device variations available. The devicesets() member only loops through the UL_DEVICESETs, which in turn can be queried for their UL_DEVICE members.


The description member returns the complete descriptive text as defined with the DESCRIPTION command, while the headline member returns only the first line of the description, without any Rich Text tags. When using the description text keep in mind that it may contain newline characters ('\n'). The description and headline information is only available within a library drawing, not if the library is derived form a UL_BOARD or UL_SCHEMATIC context.

If the library is derived form a UL_BOARD or UL_SCHEMATIC context, name returns the pure library name (without path or extension). Otherwise it returns the full library file name.


library(L) {
  L.devices(D)     printf("Dev: %s\n", D.name);
  L.devicesets(D)  printf("Dev: %s\n", D.name);
  L.packages(P)    printf("Pac: %s\n", P.name);
  L.symbols(S)     printf("Sym: %s\n", S.name);
schematic(S) {
  S.libraries(L) printf("Library: %s\n", L.name);

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