Evaluation Operators

Evaluation operators are used to evaluate expressions based on a condition, or to group a sequence of expressions and have them evaluated as one expression.

?: Conditional
, Comma

The Conditional operator is used to make a decision within an expression, as in

int a;
// ...code that calculates 'a'
string s = a ? "True" : "False";
which is basically the same as
int a;
string s;
// ...code that calculates 'a'
if (a)
   s = "True";
   s = "False";
but the advantage of the conditional operator is that it can be used in an expression.

The Comma operator is used to evaluate a sequence of expressions from left to right, using the type and value of the right operand as the result.

Note that arguments in a function call as well as multiple variable declarations also use commas as delimiters, but in that case this is not a comma operator!

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