Reads data from a file.

int fileread(dest, string file);

fileread returns the number of objects read from the file.
The actual meaning of the return value depends on the type of dest.

See also lookup, strsplit, fileerror

If dest is a character array, the file will be read as raw binary data and the return value reflects the number of bytes read into the character array (which is equal to the file size).

If dest is a string array, the file will be read as a text file (one line per array member) and the return value will be the number of lines read into the string array. Newline characters will be stripped.

If dest is a string, the entire file will be read into that string and the return value will be the length of that string (which is not necessarily equal to the file size, if the operating system stores text files with "cr/lf" instead of a "newline" character).


char b[];
int nBytes = fileread(b, "data.bin");
string lines[];
int nLines = fileread(lines, "data.txt");
string text;
int nChars = fileread(text, "data.txt");

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