Defines a cell location within a grid layout context.

dlgCell(int row, int column[, int row2, int column2]) statement

The dlgCell statement defines the location of a cell within a grid layout context.

The row and column indexes start at 0, so the upper left cell has the index (0, 0).

With two parameters the dialog object defined by statement will be placed in the single cell addresses by row and column. With four parameters the dialog object will span over all cells from row/column to row2/column2.

By default a dlgCell contains a dlgHBoxLayout, so if the cell contains more than one dialog object, they will be placed next to each other horizontally.

See also dlgGridLayout, dlgHBoxLayout, dlgVBoxLayout, Layout Information, A Complete Example


string Text;
dlgGridLayout {
  dlgCell(0, 0) dlgLabel("Cell 0,0");
  dlgCell(1, 2, 4, 7) dlgTextEdit(Text);

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