To legally use EAGLE you need a registered user license. Please check your "User License Certificate" whether it contains a holographic sticker with the EAGLE logo as well as a label with your name, address, serial number and installation code. If you have any doubts about the validity or authenticity of your license, please contact our Technical Support staff for verification.

There are different types of licenses, varying in the number of users who may use the program and in the areas of application the program may be used in:

Single-User License

Only ONE user may use the program at any given time. However, that user may install the program on any of his computers, as long as he makes sure that the program will only be run on ONE of these computers at a time.

A typical application of this kind would be a user who has a PC at home and also a notebook or laptop computer which he uses "on the road". As he would only use one of these computers at a time it is ok to have EAGLE installed on both of them.

3-User License

Up to THREE users may use the program simultaneously, on three different computers. The only restriction that applies is that these computers must all belong to the license holder, and that they be located in the same building.

5-User License

Same as "3-User License", but up to FIVE users may use the program simultaneously.

Network License

The program may be installed on ONE LAN Server, and an UNLIMITED number of users who are logged in to that LAN Server may use the program simultaneously.

Commercial License

The program may be used for any purpose, be it commercial or private.

Educational License

The program may only be used in an educational environment like a school, university or training workshop, in order to teach how to use ECAD software.

Student License

The program may only be used for private ("non-profit") purposes. Student versions are sold at a very low price, to allow people who could otherwise never afford buying EAGLE the use of the program for their private hobby or education. It is a violation of the license terms if you "earn money" by using a Student Licence of EAGLE.

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