Assigns package pads to symbol pins.

CONNECT symbol_name.pin_name pad_name..
CONNECT pin_name pad_name..


This command is used in the device editing mode in order to define the relationship between the pins of a symbol and the pads of the corresponding package in the library. First of all, it is necessary to define which package is to be used by means of the PACKAGE command.

If the CONNECT command is invoked without parameters, a dialog is presented which allows you to interactively assign the connections.

Device with one Symbol

If only one symbol is included in a device, the parameter symbol_name can be dropped, e.g.:

CONNECT gnd 1 rdy 2 phi1 3 irq\ 4 nc1 5...
(Note: "\" is normally used to indicate inverted data signals.)

Device with Several Symbols

If several symbols are present in a device, parameters must be entered with symbol_name, pin_name and pad_name each time. For example:

CONNECT A.I1     1  A.I2  2   A.O  3;
CONNECT B.I1     4  B.I2  5   B.O  6;
CONNECT C.I1    13  C.I2  12  C.O 11;
CONNECT D.I1    10  D.I2  9   D.O  8;
In this case, the connections for four NAND gates of a good old 7400 are allocated. The device includes five symbols - A, B, C, D, and PWR. The gate inputs are named I1 and I2 while the output is named O.

The CONNECT command can be repeated as often as required. It may be used with all pin/pad connections or with only certain pins. Each new CONNECT command overwrites the previous conditions for the relevant pins.

Gate or Pin names that contain periods

If a gate or pin name contains a period, simply enter them without any special consideration (no quoting or escape characters are necessary).


ed 6502.dev;
prefix 'IC';
package dil40;
connect gnd 1 rdy 2 phi1 3 irq\ 4 nc1 5 nmi\ 6 \
        sync 7 vcc 8  a0 9 a1 10 a2 11 a3 12 a4 \
        13 a5 14 a6 15 a7 16 a8 17 a9 18 a10 19 \
        a11 20 p$0 21 a12 22 a13 23 a14 24 a15 \
        25 d7 26 d6 27 d5 28 d4 29 d3 30 d2 31 \
        d1 32 d0 33 r/w 34 nc2 35 nc3 36 phi0 37 \
        so 38 phi2 39 res\ 40;
If a command is continued at the next line, it is advisable to insert the character "\" at the end of the line to ensure the following text cannot be confused with an EAGLE command.

Confusing parameters with commands can also be avoided by enclosing the parameters in apostrophes.

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