Checks design rules.

DRC * * ;
DRC LOAD|SAVE filename;

See also Design Rules, CLASS, SET, ERC, ERRORS

The command DRC checks a board against the current set of Design Rules.

Only those signal layers that are currently active will be checked, so in order to make sure everything is ok all used signal layers should be active when running the DCR (at least for the final check before manufacturing).

Please note that electrically irrelevant objects (wires in packages, rectangles, circles and texts) are not checked against each other for clearance errors.

The errors found are displayed as error polygons in the respective layers, and can be browsed through with the ERRORS command.

Without parameters the DRC command opens a Design Rules dialog in which the board's Design Rules can be defined, and from which the actual check can be started.

If two coordinates are given in the DRC command (or if the Select button is clicked in the Design Rules dialog) all checks will be performed solely in the defined rectangle. Only errors that occur (at least partly) in this area will be reported.

To delete all error polygons use the command


The LOAD and SAVE options can be used to load the Design Rules from or save them to the given file. If filename doesn't have the extension ".dru" it will be appended automatically.

Related SET commands

The SET command can be used to change the behavior of the DRC command:

SET DRC_FILL  fill_name;
Defines the fill style used for the DRC error polygons. Default is LtSlash.
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