Defines grid.

GRID option..;

F6: GRID; turns the grid on or off.

See also SCRIPT

The GRID command is used to specify the grid and the current unit. Given without an option, this command switches between GRID ON and GRID OFF.

The following options exist:

GRID ON; Displays the grid on the screen
GRID OFF; Turns off displayed grid
GRID DOTS; Displays the grid as dots
GRID LINES; Displays the grid as solid lines
GRID MIC; Sets the grid units to micron
GRID MM; Sets the grid units to mm
GRID MIL; Sets the grid units to mil
GRID INCH; Sets the grid units to inch
GRID FINEST; Sets the grid to 0.1 micron
GRID grid_size; Defines the distance between
the grid points in the actual unit
GRID LAST; Sets grid to the most recently
used values
GRID DEFAULT; Sets grid to the standard values
GRID grid_size grid_multiple;
grid_size = grid distance
grid_multiple = grid factor
GRID ALT ...; Defines the alternate grid


Grid mm;
Set Diameter_Menu 1.0 1.27 2.54 5.08;
Grid Last;
In this case you can change back to the last grid definition although you don't know what the definition looked like.
GRID mm 1 10;
for instance specifies that the distance between the grid points is 1 mm and that every 10th grid line will be displayed.

Note: The first number in the GRID command always represents the grid distance, the second - if existing - represents the grid multiple.

The GRID command may contain multiple parameters:

GRID inch 0.05 mm;
In this case the grid distance is first defined as 0.05 inch. Then the coordinates of the cursor are chosen to be displayed in mm.
Sets grid to the standard value for the current drawing type.
GRID mil 50 lines on alt mm 1 mil;
Defines a 50 mil grid displayed as lines, and sets the alternate grid size to 1 mm, but displays it in mil.

Pressing the Alt key switches to the alternate Grid. This can typically be a finer grid than the normal one, which allows you to quickly do some fine positioning in a dense area, for instance, where the normal grid might be too coarse. The alternate grid remains active as long as the Alt key is held pressed down.

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