Attaches text labels to buses and nets.

LABEL * *..

Center button selects layer for the label.
Right button rotates the label.

See also NAME, BUS

Bus or net names may be placed on a schematic in any location by using the label command. When the bus or net is clicked on with the mouse, the relevant label attaches to the mouse cursor and may be rotated, changed to another layer, or moved to a different location. The second mouse click defines the new location for the text.

Buses and nets may have any number of labels.

Labels cannot be changed with "CHANGE TEXT".

Labels are handled by the program as text but their value corresponds to the name of the appropriate bus or net. If a bus or net is renamed with the NAME command, all associated labels are renamed automatically.

If a bus, net, or label is selected with the SHOW command, all connected buses, nets and labels are highlighted.

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