Prints a drawing to the system printer.

PRINT [factor] [-limit] [options] [;]

See also CAM Processor, printing to the system printer

The PRINT command prints the currently edited drawing to the system printer.

Colors and fill styles are used as set in the editor window. This can be changed with the SOLID and BLACK options. The color palette used for the printout is always that for white background.

If you want to print pads and vias "filled" (without the drill holes being visible), use the command

Please note that polygons in boards will not be automatically calculated when printing via the PRINT command! Only the outlines will be drawn. To print polygons in their calculated shape you have to use the RATSNEST command before printing.

You can enter a factor to scale the output.

The limit parameter is the maximum number of pages you want the output to use. The number has to be preceded with a '-' to distinguish it from the factor. In case the drawing does not fit on the given number of pages, the factor will be reduced until it fits. Set this parameter to -0 to allow any number of pages (and thus making sure the printout uses exactly the given scale factor).

If the PRINT command is not terminated with a ';', a print dialog will allow you to set print options. Note that options entered via the command line will not be stored permanently in the print setup unless they have been confirmed in the print dialog (i.e. if the command has not been terminated with a ';').

The following options exist:

MIRROR mirrors the output
ROTATE rotates the output by 90°
UPSIDEDOWN rotates the drawing by 180°. Together with ROTATE, the drawing is rotated by a total of 270°
BLACK ignores the color settings of the layers and prints everything in black
SOLID ignores the fill style settings of the layers and prints everything in solid
If an option is preceeded with a '-', that option is turned off in case it is currently on (from a previous PRINT). A '-' by itself turns off all options.


PRINT opens the print dialog in which you can set print options
PRINT; immediately prints the drawing with the default options
PRINT - MIRROR BLACK SOLID; prints the drawing mirrored, with everything in black and solid
PRINT 2.5 -1; prints the drawing enlarged by a factor of 2.5, but makes sure that it does not exceed one page

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