Adds rectangles to a drawing.

RECT [orientation] * *..

Center button changes the active layer.

See also CIRCLE

The RECT command is used to add rectangles to a drawing. The two points define two opposite corners of the rectangle. Pressing the center mouse button changes the layer to which the rectangle is to be added.

The orientation (see description in ADD) may be any angle in the range R0...R359.9. The S and M flags can't be used here. Note that the coordinates are always defined at an orientation of R0. The possibility of entering an orientation in the RECT command is mainly for use in scripts, where the rectangle data may have been derived through a User Language Program from the UL_RECTANGLE object. When entering a non-zero orientation interactively, the corners of the rectangle may not appear at the actual cursor position. Use the ROTATE command to interactively rotate a rectangle.

Rectangles are filled with the layer's color, so deleting a rectangle may erase the drawing area it has covered. In such a case the "WINDOW;" command (F2) should be entered to redraw the screen.

Not Part of Signals

Rectangles in the signal layers Top, Bottom, or Route2...15 don't belong to signals. Therefore the DRC reports errors if they overlap with wires, pads etc.

Restricted Areas

If used in the layers tRestrict, bRestrict, or vRestrict, the RECT command defines restricted areas for the Autorouter.

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