Displays and changes values.

VALUE value *..
VALUE name value ..

See also NAME, SMASH

In Boards and Schematics

Elements can be assigned a value, e.g. '1k' for a resistor or '10uF' for a capacitor. This is done with the VALUE command. The command selects an element and opens a popup menu that allows you to enter or to change a value.

If you type in a value before you select an element, then all of the subsequently selected elements receive this value. This is very useful if you want for instance a number of resistors to have the same value.

If the parameters name and value are specified, the element name gets the specified value.


VALUE R1 10k R2 100k
In this case more than one element has been assigned a value. This possibility can be used in script files:
VALUE R1   10k \
      R2  100k \
      R3  5.6k \
      C1  10uF \
      C2  22nF \
The '\' prevents the following line from being mistaken for an EAGLE key word.

In Device Mode

If the VALUE command is used in the device edit mode, the parameters ON and OFF may be used:

On: Permits the actual value to be changed in the schematic.

Off: Automatically enters the actual device name into the schematic (e.g.74LS00N). The user can only modify this value after a confirmation.

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