Zooms in and out of a drawing.

WINDOW * * *
WINDOW scale_factor

Left-click&drag works as shortcut for "* *;".

Alt+F2: WINDOW FIT Fit drawing on the screen
F2: WINDOW; Redraw screen
F3: WINDOW 2 Zoom in by a factor of 2
F4: WINDOW 0.5 Zoom out by a factor of 2
F5: WINDOW (@); Cursor pos. is new center (if a command is active)

The WINDOW command is used to zoom in and out of the drawing and to change the position of the drawing on the screen. The command can be used with up to three mouse clicks. If there are fewer, it must be terminated with a semicolon.

Refresh screen

If you use the WINDOW command followed by a semicolon, EAGLE redraws the screen without changing the center or the scale. This is useful if error messages cover part of the drawing.

New center

The WINDOW command with one point causes that point to become the center of a new screen display of the drawing. The scaling of the drawing remains the same. You can also use the sliders of the working area to move the visible area of the drawing. The function key F5 causes the current position of the cursor to be the new center.

Corner points

The WINDOW command with two points defines a rectangle with the specified points at opposite corners. The rectangle expands to fill the screen providing a close-up view of the specified portion of the drawing.

New center and zoom

You can use the WINDOW command with three points. The first point defines the new center of the drawing and the display becomes either larger or smaller, depending on the ratios of the spacing between the other points. In order to zoom in, the distance between point 1 and point 3 should be greater than the distance between point 1 and 2; to zoom out place point 3 between points 1 and 2.

Zoom in and out

Makes the elements appear twice as large.
Reduces the size of the elements by a factor of two.

You can specify an integer or real number as the argument to the WINDOW command to scale the view of the drawing by the amount entered. The center of the window remains the same.

The whole drawing

fits the entire drawing on the screen.

Very large zoom factors

By default the maximum zoom factor is limited in such a way that an area of 1mm (about 40mil) in diameter will be shown using the full editor window. If you need to zoom in further, you can uncheck "Options/User interface/Limit zoom factor" and will then be able to zoom in all the way until the finest editor grid (0.1 micron) can be seen.

When zooming very far into a drawing, the following things may happen:

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