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Name: Xess
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Last modified: Fr Nov 8 2013
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What is Xess? Where does it come from?

Xess is a UNIX / X-windows based spreadsheet supplied by Applied Information Systems, Inc. (AIS) oriented towards scientific and engineering applications, but also suitable for general-purpose spreadsheets. It provides numerous input/output options, and supports standard spreadsheets formats from other programs such as Excel and Lotus. It includes a C-based application programming interface (API) that allows programmers to write customized interfaces to the spreadsheet.

Xess on Athena

Xess 6.0 is the current default for all platforms (i.e., this is the version obtained by typing: add xess; xess, or by typing xess in the Ubuntu Dash search box). Version 5.0 is also available and may be run by typing:

       athena% add xess
       athena% xess -ver 5.0 

General usage information can be found in the What Runs Where listing and in the xess locker, in files /afs/athena/software/xess_v6.0/README.athena and /afs/athena/software/xess_v6.0/README.config

The Xess 5.0 manual and Xess 5.0 xsBasic manual are available in PostScript format (for Athena users only). A copy of the Xess 5 online help and Xess 6 online help in html are also available for web viewing.

Xess at MIT

Xess is now a legacy application on Athena. The latest version, Xess 6, was released in 2003 and development has ceased. Users are advised to transition to newer spreadsheets such as the LibreOffice spreadsheet or gnumeric.

The Athena Consultants will help Athena users asking Xess questions in OLC, and will maintain a collection of stock answers to common questions.

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Help with Xess
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc"). Otherwise, see the other resources above or contact the vendor for help.

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