Q & A

Q: Can you give a more formal introduction of yourself?
A: Yes! Please take a look at my CV in PDF or DOCX.

Q: How is your name pronounced?
A: It is pronounced "yee traan liou," three distinct sounds in quick succession. If that is too difficult for you, then call me... Carl.

Q: Are you Chinese?
A: Yes, I was born in Wuhan, China. My Chinese name is 刘一川. I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2000 and subsequently became a Canadian citizen. I speak both chinese and english fluently and consider both cities my hometowns.

Q: Why did you do a phd?
A: After going through business school as an undergraduate, I felt that I belonged more in the academic world than in the business world. I had the advantage of being somewhat book smart and liked thinking about abstract ideas and high concepts. I also enjoyed teaching due in part to having passionate university professors as parents. I suppose all of these are still true today.

Q: What do you want out of life?
A: I would say that I'd like to have a happy family, or that I'd like to learn as much as I can about the world (finance and otherwise) and share my knowledge with others. But mostly I just want a quiet place to hear my thoughts.

More Q & A

Q: Did you make this website?
A: Yes. I enjoy writing code as a hobby. I wrote all the HTML/CSS documents you see around here in Notepad.

Q: Why do you have an unconventional layout?
A: I am a huge of fan of minimalism (art and music) and modern design, so the layout reflects my personal taste. I feel that the common web template used by job market candidates was designed in the 1990s (no offense), so I intend to be different, just a little.

Q: Can I ask you a question not answered here?
A: Yes, please email me. Since I am on the job market this year, I have to give priority to inquiries regarding my job applications, so I may not reply to other emails in a timely manner. I apologize in advance.