Research Focus

Lab overview

The Laboratory for Electrochemical Interfaces focuses on laying the scientific groundwork and proof-of-principle material systems for the next generation of high-efficiency devices for energy conversion and information processing, based on solid state mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) materials. We have thus far made significant con­tri­bu­tions to advancing the molecular-level understanding of oxygen reduction and oxidation kinetics on MIEC solid surfaces, and of ion and electron transport, under electro-chemo-mechanical conditions. The scientific insights derived from our research guide the design of novel surface chemistries for efficient and durable solid oxide fuel cells, thermo-/electro-chemical splitting of H2O and CO2, for corrosion resistant films in a wide range of extreme environments as in nuclear energy and oil exploration, for high energy density solid state batteries, and for red-ox based memristive information storage.


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