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Yan Leng

I am a PhD student at Human Dynamics Laboratory at MIT Media Lab, supervised by Professor Alex 'Sandy' Pentland. I received my Master of Science degrees in Computer Science and Transportation Engineering from MIT in 2016. I received my Bachelor degrees in Transportation Engineering and Computational Mathematics from Beijing Jiaotong University.

The broad theme of my research interest is to use large-scale behavioral datasets to understand, explain and predict behavioral patterns in order to to inform policy and mechanism designs in a networked environment.

Over the past few years as a graduate student and a researcher at MIT, I have developed extensive research experience, including analyzing behavioral data from multiple sources to uncover regularities in behaviors and preferences, and applying a wide variety of computational and statistical tools to elucidate insights, such as how phone communications trigger behavioral change in the mobile-phone-based social network and how collectively-coordinated decision-makings improve transportation system efficiency.

I aim to further these lines of inquiry and specifically to understand how social influence spreads over dynamic social networks and how to design interventions to achieve more efficient collective actions in the Information Age.

Email: yleng@mit.edu
MIT Media Lab, E15-384C
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139