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Our weekly yoga classes will continue throughout the summer!

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Founded in 2005, our group (previously, known as MIT bhakti-yoga) has served hundreds of students and members of the broader community from various cultures and backgrounds through yoga, nutrition and self-development programs. We welcome one and all to take advantage of our group activities.

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Weekly Schedule

Every Monday

6.15 - 7.15pm in 66-154: Free Hatha Yoga class - please bring your own yoga mat. Note that this is open ONLY to the MIT community. Please bring your ID.

This class is free but we do appreciate donations since MIT has cut our funding for yoga instruction. Our classes are always canceled on holidays.

Special Event

Please join us this spring for an amazing talk by HH Romapada Swami on Stress Management

Special Lecture - talk by HH Romapada Swami on Stress Management - a Spiritual Approach will help us restore balance, peace and satisfaction in our busy life. We will meet in 66-154 at 6.30pm on March 20th Monday.

Title: Stress Management
Speaker: HH Romapada Swami

This event is open to the public!

Abstract: If you are like most people in this fast paced, time-starved world, you long for a stress-free state of being. You crave a simpler, saner way of life. Life appears too often like a battleground where you are too busy struggling with problems to enjoy beauty of life. Consumed by concerns, hoping that someday things will be better, you postpone satisfaction while life stealthily slips away.This seminar will present a spiritual approach which will help you restore balance, peace and satisfaction in your busy life. You will learn to live in a more contented state of mind: a state of love. The beautiful part of this knowledge is that this knowledge lasts.!

About the speaker: His Holiness Romapada Swami is an ordained Vaishnava monk for 40 years, a renowned scholar and expert on eastern (Vedic) thought and philosophy, and a highly respected spiritual leader, guide and care-giver. He is well known, respected and followed for his selfless sacrifices and impressive efforts to build, sustain and grow urban spiritual communities in America, India and other places around the world. He is currently based in New York, but travels frequently giving invited presentations and workshops at Universities, corporate venues, community,yoga and cultural centers. His highly acclaimed presentations include spiritual economics, currency of relationships, stress management, yoga ladder, leadership, models of inspiration, I and mine, meditation on sacred sounds and many others

About Yoga24x7@MIT

Well-Being Welcome! We are a student club at MIT, Boston!

Yoga 24x7 is a novel and revolutionary concept that comprises of the powerful and transformative 24 principles and 7 practices designed to promote well-being. The 24 principles are universal and axiomatic truths encoded within one's consciousness and body (genes) and found in the wisdom texts of the world and the writings of great sages, philosophers, scientists, and therapists, both ancient and modern. Awareness of these principles and their manifestation into our day-to-day lives through the 7 practices would guarantee well-being and happiness (individual and collective, on all levels - body, mind, intellect and self), while ignorance and neglect of them would produce the opposite.

Need, Mission and Call for Change!


Modern civilization has made tremendous progress through unprecedented advancements in science and technology. MIT has been at the forefront. Paradoxically, well-being or happiness, the prime objective of human endeavor, has become increasingly elusive and unsubstantial.

The way we eat, the way we move about, the way we relate to each other, and the way we deal with our planet are all clearly unsustainable and causing irreversible damage. Global warming, terrorism, national and international wars and conflicts, poverty, hunger, growing disparities, complex bodily diseases, and rapidly-growing mental illnesses (especially, on college campuses such as MIT) and numerous other crises are scorching our planet and its human and other precious life. Traumatic experiences abound. Predictions of imminent catastrophes can no longer be brushed aside. There is clear and present danger.

Thoughtful persons are hankering for change, but, there isn't much clarity on what to change and how to change. Superficial, quick-fix and short-sighted plans driven by selfish politics and economics are insufficient and often yield more problems than solutions.

Humanity is at a crossroads. There is a critical need to re-think the very nature and meaning of human existence and progress. A wholesome approach to life is desperately required. Yoga 24x7 is an attempt to fulfill this need. It is not a new invention, but, a scientific presentation of axiomatic truths and realizations recorded by the wise. It is an alternative to feverish materialism. It is practical idealism for our times!

We earnestly appeal to MIT students (the future of the world), faculty and others to study, apply and develop the 24x7 concept and to join us in our efforts to bring about positive social change.