You (Yoyo) Zhou

yoz (adj.)
  1. (land) that has never been cultivated; virgin (forest, land).
  2. (plant) that has gone wild.
  3. (animal) that has become wild and untractable (because it's been allowed to run free).
  4. uncouth, boorish (person).
  5. simple, single (flower).
  6. degenerate; decadent.

One time, there was an M.Eng. student named Yoyo. He did research on Byzantine-fault-tolerant network coordinate systems with Barbara Liskov in the Programming Methodology Group in CSAIL at MIT, having completed his undergraduate education there (with degrees in two four-letter words). But at the same time, he was a Teaching Assistant for 6.033, a venerable Computer Systems Engineering course. Day turned to night, and winter turned to summer and back to winter again. The ice of winter thawed and the cherry blossoms began to bloom. He continued to write about himself in the third person.

He moved to San Francisco Bay and worked for Google for two-thirds of a decade on several teams responsible for reducing the company revenue. Then he departed to seek new fortunes on the high seas of retirement with Captain401. Flowers opened with the sun and closed again with night, attracting ants and bumblebees.

The story doesn't end there...