Yadav Gowda

I’m a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT.

I’m interested in syntax and the syntax-prosody interface, especially how prosody and word order interact. Right now I’m interested in linear word order in so-called “mixed headedness languages”.

I’ve recently become interested in matters of tense and aspect, and I’ve been thinking about the role of scalar implicatures in the interpretation of tense, aspect, and inner aspect, especially in the context of my heritage language, Kannada.

I’m a member of the MIT Language Acquisition Lab, where my most recent project was with Elise Newman and Martin Hackl on the acquisition of the English scalar particle even.

Here’s some of my previous research.

I have a blog that I sometimes write things on.

In General American English, my name is pronounced /ˈjɑːdʌv ˈɡaʊ̯dʌ/.

My CV is available here.

You can contact me at ysg@mit.edu.