Mini Driving Machines

La Guerrita

La Guerrita (the "little war" in English) uses a 24v electric wheelchair motor with a chain drive for thrust. The electrical systems such as the Alpine stereo, headlights, horn, throttle, and drive motor run off an array of 12v 7Ah batteries. For the body, I utilized a standard pedal cart, which I disassembled and extended. Using plywood and steel reinforcements, I was able to make the go-cart a comfortable length.

La Mamasita

La Mamasita was a spur of the moment decision. I saw an old Powerwheels car thrown away in an alley and thought that I could make a go cart out of it. I brought it home and modified the body so that I could fit in it. After moving the seat back 12 inches and tinkering with the drive and power systems, it became a perfectly decent go-cart. I threw on a super-powerful marine headlamp, a police siren and light, cabin lamps, a sound system with CD player, a key switch and a few other extras. It cruises at15 mph and can tow up to 350 lbs. La Mamasita gets many stares when it is driven down the street with its lights blaring and music playing. Similarly, valet attendants never fail to give wild stares when La Mamasita pulls up and the keys are tossed to them.

Driving the motors at higher voltages, I was able to go up to 30 mph with La Mamasita. This left skid marks on the ground from the pneumatic tires I installed.