Glowing Light-up Beat-to-Music Wall

The LED light wall is a 24-watt, 8-section, computer-controlled wall of light that can sequence through any color in the visible spectrum. It has several built-in animations and can also be controlled by a PC to sequence to music. The wall works extremely well for several situations: for getting work done, a solid natural-daylight color temperature mode turns the light wall into a fake window with artificial daylight, for relaxing, the wall can turn a deep red, or blue, or any other color, for a party atmosphere, it can quickly change colors and sequence to the beat of music much like the MIT Disco Dance Floor.

The circuit is the same custom-designed board made for La Fontaine Du Campus Est. This drives 24 high-current Luxeon LEDs. In each of the eight sections, there are three (red, green, and blue) LEDs. By pulsating them at high frequency and using pulse-width-modulation to dim or brighten each LED, any color can be produced. If you are interested in seeing the code or the circuit diagram, see the fountain page where the board and software is explained in more detail. For the light wall, the code was modified slightly to handle new animations and a slave-mode for beat sequencing.

A quiet evening reading a book by the light wall.