an agile, gripping, scissor-lift robot

This robot was designed and built for the 2004 Science Olympiad. Utilizing a scissor lift mechanism and a robotic gripper, the robot is able to pick up objects, place then into its holding container, raise them far above the height of the collapsed robot, and then eject the contents into another container or box. This radio-controlled robot won first place at the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad.

To accomplish the scissor lift mechanism, Lego strips were bolted together. A metal slide on the bottom, tied to a winch motor, pulls the scissors closed, thus raising the top bin. The gripper uses two servos: one to close the grip, and one to tilt objects into the holding container. Differential drive on each motor, and a rear caster allows the robot to maneuver. The base was cut with a scroll saw out of darkened Lexan.