Radio-Controlled Humanoid Robot

In 2002 I designed and built a radio controlled robot named SARA. The humanoid robot was 4 feet tall, could go a maximum of 8 mph, and had various input/output devices that allowed it to interact with its environment. The mechanical design was a multi-level plywood frame with a sheet-metal exterior.

Here are a few videos demonstrating SARA's capabilities.

Diffuse a Bomb

Walk a Dog

Be a RoboCop

SARA's Built-In Functions

1.   Go forward, steer, and navigate by remote.

2.   Send back live, wireless video to a receiver.

3.   Remotely activate a head-mounted halogen light.

4.   Activate a 250-degree heat pad to protect itself.

5.   Dispense or accept a document, paper, or money through the document feeder.

6.   Onboard-tracking with GPS.

7.   Walk a dog (or other pet) using the built-in retractable leash.

8.   Wirelessly talk through the onboard sound system.

9.   Play CDs or radio through the sound system.

10. Charge its battery using the solar panel.

11. Send back audio of its surroundings wirelessly.

12. Transport materials on top of its hood.

13. Manipulate and/or acquire objects using its robotic arm.