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Postdoctoral position

2018/01: SAMs lab is look for highly creative and highly motivated postdoctoral associates in broad areas of solid mechanics, soft materials, advanced manufacturing, and/or machine learning. Qualified candidate should send his/her CV with research statement, publication list and contacts of at least 3 references to Dr. Xuanhe Zhao ( (The position is open.)


2015/01: Postdoctoral position in polymer synthesis. (The position has been filled.)


2014/06: Postdoctoral position in design of protein and protein-based materials. (The position has been filled.)


2012/11: Postdoctoral position in experimental mechanics of polymers and biomaterials. (The position has been filled.)


2012/08: Postdoctoral position in microfludics and microphysiological systems. (The position has been filled.)



PhD position

Motivated prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply to the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. In the application, please indicate your interests in working at Soft Active Materials Laboratory. Admitted graduate students in MechE, MSE, CEE, ChemE and BE are welcome to contact Dr. Xuanhe Zhao ( to discuss possible PhD/MS projects.



Undergraduate research position

Motivated undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Xuanhe Zhao ( for possible REU positions.



Visiting Scholar

Highly creative and highly motivated scholars supported by external funds may contact Dr. Xuanhe Zhao ( for possible positions of visiting scholar.



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