Amy Kalia Singh    


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Sinha Lab

Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email: akalia[at]
Phone: 617-252-1815


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About Me:

My research examines the perceptual and neural effects of visual impairment, particularly in the domains of spatial cognition and multisensory perception. The goal of my research is to inform the development of rehabilitation programs and assistive technologies for people with visual impairment so that they can more easily function in the world.


Sinha Lab

Project Prakash

See Pawan Sinha's TED talk on Project Prakash and restoring sight to blind children in India


Learning to See Late in Life (Project Prakash):

Gandhi, T., Kalia, A., Ganesh, S., and Sinha, P. (2015). Immediate susceptibility to visual illusions after sight onset. Current Biology,25(9), R358-59. [abstract]

Kalia, A., Lesmes, L., Dorr, M., Gandhi, T., Chatterjee, G., Ganesh, S., Bex, P., and Sinha, P.
(2014). Development of pattern vision following early and extended blindness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,11(5), 2035-39. [abstract]

Ganesh, S., Arora, P., Gandhi, T., Kalia, A., Chatterjee, G. and Sinha, P. (2014). Visual acuity outcomes after late treatment of bilateral congenital cataracts. British Journal of Ophthalmology,98(10), 1424-28. [abstract]

Sinha, P., Chatterjee, G., Gandhi, T., and Kalia, A. (2013). Restoring vision through ‘Project Prakash’: The opportunities for merging science and service. PLOS Biology, 11(12), e1001741.  [html]

Perception of Tactile Graphics:

Kalia, A., Hopkins, R., Jin, D., Verma, S., Merabet, L., Phillips, F., and Sinha, P. (2014). Perception of tactile graphics: Embossings versus cutouts. Multisensory Research, 27(2), 111-25. [pdf]

Kalia, A.A., & Sinha, P. (2011). Tactile Picture Recognition: Errors are in Shape Acquisition or Object Matching? Seeing and Perceiving, 24(4). [abstract] [pdf]

Spatial Navigation with Normal and Low Vision:

Kalia, A.A., Schrater, P.R., & Legge, G.E. (2013). Combining path integration and remembered landmarks when navigating without vision. PLOS One 8(9), e72170. [pdf]

Kalia, A.A., Legge, G.E., Roy, R. & Ogale, A. (2010). Assessment of Indoor Route-finding Technology for Visually-Impaired People. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 104(3), 135-147. [pdf]

Kalia, A.A., Legge, G.E., & Giudice, N.A. (2008). Learning Building Layouts with Non-geometric Visual Information: The Effects of Visual Impairment and Age. Perception, 37(11), 1677-1699. [pdf]

Stankiewicz, B.J. & Kalia, A.A. (2007). Acquisition of Structural versus Object Landmark Knowledge. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 33(2), 378-90. [pdf]

Face and Scene Recognition with Simulated Low Vision:

Kalia, A.A., Legge, G.E., & Kallie, C.S. (2010, May). Effective acuity for low-pass filtering of real world images. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, Naples, Florida. [abstract] [pdf]

Kwon, M., Kalia, A.A., & Legge, G.E. (2008, May). Blurry Faces are Sometimes Recognized Better than High-Resolution Faces. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, Naples, Florida. [abstract] [pdf]


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