Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: 24-320  |  Phone: 617-258-9731  |  Email: anabell [ at ] mit [ dot ] edu


I'm Ana Bell, a senior lecturer in the EECS Department at MIT. My passion became getting students excited about computer science ideas after I was a teaching assistant in grad school. I now consistently teach:


I have a book published, called Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, from Manning Publications. My aim was to write an easy-to-follow book that guides anyone who has never programmed before through short lessons and exercises, with the ultimate goal of having them learn their first real programming language! The book ramps up slowly, and I hope it makes programming not intimidating. You don't have to make a career out of programming -- harness its power to help you automate small tasks in your life! Looks like people like it and recommend it on Shepherd :), a website made to easily discover new books of interest.

My book also has a companion video series, called Get Programming with Python in Motion. I've been on several podcasts to talk about my book and thoughts on programming. Check them out here:

I also made a coloring book for programmers, called Doodle Debug. It aims to help programmers with the debug process by unlocking their creative side for a bit. I found the process works quite well.


What else do I do? Along with my husband and two kids, we enjoy biking rail trails, playing tennis, skiing, and visiting museums around the Boston area.