The Game of Fish and Men, Starlogo Edition

This is a game I created for a class (11.127 at the MIT Teacher Education Program), that actually turned out pretty well. Well enough that it was requested that I put it up on the Web for all to play, anyway :-) This game owes a great deal to Casey Dugan, who was my project partner for the Board Edition of it, and, of course, to Eric Klopfer, whose class it was for.

The Game of Fish and Men is a game for 2-6 players. The basic premise is that each player represents a school of fish trying to make their way through a world bothered by pollution and fishermen. The game's interesting feature is that it is a board game, with a computer managed board. Part of the purpose of creating it was to find out how effective a format that is. Feel free to send me feedback on the subject :-) If you would like to play The Game of Fish and Men, you should do the following things:

  1. Download the Rules (PDF or DVI), and familiarize yourself and all the players with them.
  2. Either
    • Get two decks of playing cards of the same size
    • print and cut out the Game Cards (PDF or DVI).
    The latter approach is harder to prepare, and the cards end up harder to shuffle, but you get a more direct game feel that way.
  3. Either Or The latter approach will doubtless give you better performance, plus it will give you access to the Starlogo Command Centers, which you can use to make changes in the board state that the game does not anticipate (like giving a fish an extra turn if they clicked "Done" by accident) and to change the game parameters.