Test Manager

Test Manager is a unit testing framework for Scheme. The design is loosely inspired by the xUnit family of testing frameworks. At present it only works for MIT Scheme, but I expect it shouldn't be that difficult to port to other Scheme implementations. I just haven't done that.

I am releasing this software because I hope it will be useful. I've used it long enough myself that I am not embarrassed to throw it out to the world, but I by no means guarantee absence of bugs. Let me know if you find any — especially if you have suggestions for how to fix them.

Download: test-manager-1.2.tar

Install: Test Manager is distributed in source form -- just unpack the tarball anywhere you like, and load the test-manager/load.scm file inside to use it. You can probably compile it if you wish, but I haven't paid any attention to compilation because I don't know how to write compiler declarations portably.

Use: Here's the API documentation. If you're upgrading from an earlier version, here's the change log.

Old version: test-manager-1.1.tar. This was developed and is known to work on Guile as well as MIT Scheme. With documentation.