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About BCS
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Welcome to the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences!

In the study of the human brain, the painstaking pace of scientific progress has given way to an exhilarating era of promise, progress and speed. Powerful new tools and insights, many developed here at MIT, are creating a moment of extraordinary opportunity, an irresistible chance to unravel persistent puzzles of the brain and mind.

AT MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, we believe this moment is ours to seize. Forty years ago, the department was founded with a cross-disciplinary, multi-level approach to studying both the brain and the mind. Unprecedented then, our strategy became an international model; the department continues to set the pace today.

Because the human brain is immensely complex in many different ways at once, we pursue every level of inquiry - from molecules to cells to circuits to the mystery of the mind itself. As we study its diseases and disorders, its development and daily feats, like vision, speech, movement and memory, we also integrate methods and insights from every area of brain research. This unusual diversity of expertise fosters an intensely creative atmosphere that sparks startling collaborations. Already known for remarkable contributions to the field, our faculty members continually stretch the limits of knowledge, and bring the same passion to educating our exceptional students.

A key part of the BCS mission is to offer its graduate and undergraduate students an educational experience of the highest quality. Our graduate students benefit from the impressive range of our program, and from the ability to participate in research projects with faculty members who are leaders in their fields. The department's undergraduate program, which includes both neuroscience and cognitive science, is one of the fastest-growing majors at MIT.

BCS values diversity. We are continuously reviewing our admissions and recruitment procedures to help ensure that we are doing all we can to achieve a diverse and outstanding student body, faculty, and staff.

Mriganka Sur, Ph.D., FRS
Department Head and Newton Professor of Neuroscience