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BCS Fall Colloquium Series
Fridays at 4:00 PM, Bldg 46-3002 Auditorium

Fall 2006
Talk Title

September 15

David Heeger, PhD
Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science
New York University

"Traveling waves in visual cortex during binocular rivalry"

September 22 James Mazer, PhD
Yale School of Medicine Department of Neurobiology

"A Ventral Stream Salience Map for Natural Vision"
September 29

Maurice Smith, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences & Center for Brain Science Harvard University
"Motor learning and error feedback control in voluntary movement"

October 6

Roger Levy, PhD
Assistant Professor of Linguistics University of California, San Diego

"Expectation-based Syntactic Comprehension"

October 20


Joshua Tenenbaum, PhD
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science and Computation MIT
"Bayesian models of inductive learning and reasoning"

October 27 Peter C. Gordon, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychology Director of the Graduate Program in Cognitive Psychology Univeristy of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Memory Constraints on Language Comprehension


November 3 Daniel Johnston, PhD
Professor of Neurobiology Center for Learning and Memory University of Texas at Austin

"'Plasticity of intrinsic excitability in hippocampal neurons"

November 17 David Bradley, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology and Neurobiology University of Chicago

"Velocity Computation in the Primate Visual System"
December 1 Maiken Nedergaard, MD, DMSc
Professor Department of Neurological Surgery
University of Rochester

"In Vivo Imaging of Astrocytes in Adult Brain"

December 8
Randy Gallistel, PhD
Professor Department of Psychology Center for Cognitive Science Rutgers University

"How cognitive science will transform neuroscience"

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