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BCS Launches New Web Site
December 19, 2003

Notice anything different? That's right, the BCS web site has a new look. But there's more – the whole department has a new look! Earlier this fall, BCS premiered a new logo, a new newsletter, and now, a new web site, all featuring a design standard that can be used for everything from business cards to t-shirts.

The new look and feel for BCS is the product of the Web Committee headed by Assistant Professor Pawan Sinha. The committee, which began work earlier this year was established with an initial focus on revamping the BCS Web site. As work progressed from initial concept to design, questions of overall identity for the department became just as important. What BCS stands for and how it should be perceived were significant factors influencing design considerations.

"Fortunately" says BCS Administrative Officer John Armstrong, "we had a lot of help in bringing our ideas about the department into a tangible form." Drawing on resources from MIT's Publishing Services Bureau and an outside firm, Stoltze Design, a series of design treatments were developed, considered, and refined until the final result was produced.

The logo and associated type treatment are meant to represent the diversity and depth of BCS, as well as the blending of disciplines that makes the department unique. "The choice of a plus sign in the logo is deliberate," says Research Scientist and Web Committee member Rutledge Ellis-Behnke. "It speaks to one of the strengths of BCS in a powerful yet understated way. The great thing about the new logo is that it can be interpreted in many ways, but ultimately it's about the strength inherent in the academic diversity of the department."

Use of the new design standards is expected to become universal across BCS as it becomes the basis for all future department communications.